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National NEWS:... It is never to early to sign up for the 2019 FASA World Series in Branson MO! 14U-18U runs from 7/15-7/21 and 7U-12U plays 7/22-7/28. For more info, click on the FASA World Series link. Like us on Facebook



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2395 Teams registered to play with FASA for the 2018 Season
2773 Teams have registered to play with FASA for the 2019 Season

6644 Teams signed up to play in FASA 2018 Events
6629 Teams from 23 states have signed up to play in FASA 2019 Events



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 Baden - Official Ball of FASA
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Events for the next 4 weeks and Featured Events listed below
Featured Events* Green = NIT, Purple = Regional Qualifier, Light Blue = State, Red = World Series or National

JoinEventEASTER CASH FUNDAY Pleasanton TXSQ4/20/20194/20/2019Round Robin$100Ernest 570-51545834
JoinEventRings Over Vidalia-1 Day 10U/12U C ONLY 14U OPENVidaliaLASQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$150Stan MorganSTAN32MORGAN@GMAIL.COM(870) 310-0197111063
JoinEventPlay in a day! Easter BashHumbleTXSQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$85Shannon Villa 499-92042551
JoinEventBATS BALLS & BUNNIES Saturday OnlyLongviewTXSQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$125Bobby 617-6089121329
JoinEventCity of Colleges ClassicConwayARSQ4/20/20194/20/20192 Pool Double Elimination$275Shannon 837-3825142527
JoinEvent4th Annual Easter Classic Open ClassBryantARSQ4/20/20194/20/20193 Game Bracket$250Shannon 837-382514830
JoinEvent4th Annual Easter Classic C ClassBryantARSQ4/20/20194/20/20193 Pool Double Elimination$230Shannon 837-3825291486
JoinEventEaster Madness Saturday OnlyLafayetteLASQ4/20/20194/20/20192 Pool Double Elimination100.00Harlie 496-528281371
JoinEventEaster Saturday ONLY Softball Madness Lake CharlesLASQ4/20/20194/20/20192 Pool Double Elimination100.00Harlie 496-52824963
JoinEventEaster Softball Madness ( SATURDAY ONLY ) GALVESTON TXSQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$100Harlie 496-52829757
JoinEventSATURDAY ONLY Easter Slam - RINGS for 1st & 2nd LIVINGSTONLASQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$150Sherry 951-0268111415
JoinEventEaster SlamMilan and MartinTNSQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97163429
JoinEventEaster SlamBurnsTNSQ4/20/20194/20/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97165368
JoinEventPassover Softball Mayhem BrenhamTXSQ4/20/20194/20/20194 Pool Single Elimination$180Santiago Nunez 324-08012262
JoinEventBattle on the BayouBaytownTXSQ4/26/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150.00Bobby 881-5916141016
JoinEvent5th Annual Strawberry Festival LowerCabotARSQ4/26/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$275Shannon 837-382515791
JoinEvent5th Annual Strawberry Fest OpenCabotARSQ4/26/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$275Shannon 837-3825281125
JoinEventSwing into SpringEuniceLASQ4/26/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150.00City of Eunice 305-0017251677
JoinEventTop Gun ShootoutMonroeLASQ4/27/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Ray 614-61752817
JoinEventETX ANGEL BENEFITCarthageTXSQ4/27/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-6089382000
JoinEventGirls Day OutMetropolisILSQ4/27/20194/28/2019Select Format$225Steven 217-59620243
JoinEvent1st Annual Hitting Bombs (Longer Game Times)San MarcosTXNIT4/27/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$165Gilbert Duran 872-0116371561
JoinEventSWINGING INTO SPRING-NIT WORLD SERIES QUALIFIER C REC AND OPEN DIVISIONRepublicMONIT4/27/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination$375Terry 979-11941336
JoinEventWAR BETWEEN THE STATES WHO WILL TAKE HOME THE TROPHYLake CharlesLANIT4/27/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination150.00Harlie 496-5282231521
JoinEventSouthern Classic - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE, FREE! for teams who register by 3/31/19Livingston/ Denham Springs AreaLASQ4/27/20194/28/20192 Pool Double Elimination0Sherry 951-0268151498
JoinEventSATURDAY ONLY Southern Classic - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE FREE! for teams who register by 3/31/19Denham SpringsLASQ4/27/20194/27/20191 Pool Double Elimination$0Sherry 951-02684635
JoinEventFish Fry FlingParis and CamdenTNSQ4/27/20194/27/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97168474
JoinEventFASA Rockstar of the Diamond-Rockwood Tn RockwoodTNSQ4/27/20194/27/20193 Game Bracket8u $50 / 10u to 14u $165John Holland 809-615313444
JoinEventRed Carpet Classic (at New SportsForcePark)VicksburgMSSQ4/27/20194/28/20191 Pool Double Elimination$260 (No P@P)Nathan 218-8143171501
JoinEventArkansas ACTI Benefit ChallengeBryantARSQ5/2/20195/5/20193 Game Bracket$230Shannon 837-38254478
JoinEventArkansas ACTI Benefit ChallengeBryantARSQ5/2/20195/5/20193 Game Bracket$230Shannon 837-38251482
JoinEventMUSTANG MADNESSJefferson CityMOSQ5/3/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$375Terry 979-11942409
JoinEventMay the 4th be with YOU!BaytownTXSQ5/3/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Maricela 303-12016517
JoinEventMay Play DayDyersburg and MilanTNSQ5/4/20195/4/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97162322
JoinEventMay Play DayBurnsTNSQ5/4/20195/4/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97160262
JoinEventFASA 2019 May BlastRockwoodTNSQ5/4/20195/4/20193 Game Bracket$165John Holland 809-61535296
JoinEventBring on da Bling - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE - FREE! for teams registered by 4-28-19Denham SpringsLASQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$0Sherry 951-02686514
JoinEventSATURDAY ONLY Bring on da Bling - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE - FREE! for teams registered by 4-28-19Denham Springs/ Livingston AreaLASQ5/4/20195/4/20191 Pool Double Elimination$0Sherry 951-02683353
JoinEventSoftball On The Beach (RINGS 1ST & 2ND PLACE) WIN FREE BERTH TO NATIONAL SGalvestonTXSQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$125.00Harlie 496-5282361263
JoinEventDirt Wars Class C/RECHendersonTXSQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$300Ronny 646-15379982
JoinEventStrike Out Cancer Benefit for St Jude HospitalCrowleyLASQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Kyle 250-2460231062
JoinEventMay Daze 5 GGAlexandriaLASQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-6089111235
JoinEventWILD WEST SHOOTOUTLongviewTXNIT5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-6089281631
JoinEventCINCO DE MAYO CASH PleasantonTXSQ5/4/20195/5/20191 Pool Double Elimination$125Ernest 570-515424821
JoinEventMay the Fourth be With YouMarianna FLSQ5/4/20195/4/20192 Pool Single Elimination$$$125Charles 227-77136219
JoinEventCINCO DE MAYO HAVOC Georgetown TXSQ5/4/20195/5/20195 Pool Single Elimination$165Ernest 570-51546489
JoinEvent8th Annual Streak Earlybird New Middletown OHSQ5/4/20195/5/20193 Pool Single Elimination$300Mike Thorpe 540-15303440
JoinEventMay the Game be with you~~Class C will be SeparateBrenhamTXSQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Shannon Villa 499-92042400
JoinEventTLA Cinco de Mayo Ring FlingWeimarTXSQ5/4/20195/5/20192 Pool Double Elimination$125Danny 224-89585245
JoinEventFASA C State QualifierChickashaOKSQ5/4/20195/5/2019Select Format$150Matt 413-65175283
JoinEventTHREE RIVERS SHOWCASE-NIT WORLD SERIES QUALIFIERPoplar BluffMONIT5/10/20195/12/20192 Pool Double Elimination$275Terry 979-119426959
JoinEventLethal Weapons Mothers Day BashLaporte TxTXSQ5/10/20195/12/20193 Pool Double Elimination$150Carlos 409-71047303
JoinEventFASA Best of 2019RockwoodTNSQ5/11/20195/11/20193 Game Bracket8u $50 / 10u to 14u $165John Holland 809-61531276
JoinEventFASA Mothers Day Classic ( KNOXVILLE TN )KnoxvilleTNSQ5/11/20195/11/20193 Game Bracket8u $50 / 10u to 14u $165John Holland 809-61533295
JoinEventMagnolia Classic RING Tourney. Open/C splitHattiesburg MSSQ5/11/20195/11/20191 Pool Double Elimination$125Caleb 596-276914996
JoinEventMothers Day OutMartin and DoverTNSQ5/11/20195/11/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97163325
JoinEventSouthern Sluggers SATURDAY ONLY Mothers Day Classic - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NIT (National Invitational Tournament) - 4 x PointsLutcherLANIT5/11/20195/11/20191 Pool Double Elimination$150Sherry 951-026811587
JoinEventSATURDAY ONLY Mothers Day 1 Day - C Division Only - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE - FREE! for teams registered by 4-28-19Denham Springs/ Livingston AreaLASQ5/11/20195/11/20191 Pool Double Elimination$0Sherry 951-02681323
JoinEvent4th Annual For the Love of MOM- C OnlyConwayARSQ5/11/20195/11/20193 Game Bracket$250Shannon 837-382513401
JoinEvent4th Annual For the Love of MOM- C OnlyConwayARSQ5/11/20195/11/2019Select Format$$250Shannon 837-38254358
JoinEventRumble on the Red Saturday OnlyShreveportLASQ5/11/20195/11/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Gerral 540-7740151144
JoinEventMOTHERS DAY OUTLufkinTXSQ5/11/20195/12/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150cash 241-5528612799
JoinEventCajun Express Kick Off ClassicYoungsvilleLASQ5/11/20195/12/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175.00Troy 280-4476221473
JoinEvent4th Annual for the love of Mom UPPERConwayARSQ5/11/20195/11/20193 Game Bracket$250Shannon 837-38257497
JoinEventMIZUNO BATTLE OF THE STATES ( MSARKLATEX ) Sat OnlyMonroeLASQ5/11/20195/11/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Ray 614-6175111117
JoinEventSwing for the BlingAlexandriaLASQ5/11/20195/12/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-60895596
JoinEventWhere My Pitches At?EddyvilleKYSQ5/11/20195/12/2019Select Format$225Steven 217-59620226
JoinEventMOTHER DAYS WEEKEND MADNESS TaylorTXSQ5/11/20195/12/20192 Pool Double Elimination$165John 563-95853434
JoinEventBollWeevill BashEnterprise ALSQ5/11/20195/11/20191 Pool Double Elimination$125Charles 227-771316525
JoinEventBRUSH COUNTRY MOTHERS DAY ONE DAY BASH KerrvilleTXSQ5/11/20195/11/2019Round Robin$ 140Ernest 570-51545597
JoinEventBlazing Into SummerRichmondTXSQ5/17/20195/19/20193 Pool Double Elimination$150Andrea 303-21537310
JoinEventRoaring into Memorial DayConroeTXSQ5/17/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$185Derrick 857-43471287
JoinEventCajun Heat 6th Annual Spring FlingEuniceLASQ5/17/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Tim 580-1791311257
JoinEventESCAPE TO CAPECape GirardeauMOSQ5/17/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$275Terry 979-11949505
JoinEventLa Glory Softball Classic 5 GAME GUARANTEE WIN BERTH FASA NATIONAL GALVESTON TX Lake CharlesLASQ5/17/20195/19/20192 Pool 3 Game Bracket150.00Harlie 496-528214980
JoinEventArmed Forces Day BallBrenhamTXSQ5/17/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$200Santiago Nunez 324-08013303
JoinEventSchools OutMilan and CamdenTNSQ5/18/20195/18/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97163293
JoinEventSchools OutBurnsTNSQ5/18/20195/18/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97161241
JoinEvent2019 FASA 1- Day East Tn State Qualifier / 3gg/ 1st Place FASA Braclets-Caswell Park Knoxville Tn Knoxville TNSQ5/18/20195/18/20193 Game Bracket$180 10u-16/18 / 8u $75John Holland 809-61534292
JoinEventIts Finally SummerMorgan City LASQ5/18/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Mike 264-05971365
JoinEventC-Town Showdown C Class OnlyConwayARRQ5/18/20195/18/20193 Game Bracket$230Shannon 837-382511444
JoinEventSATURDAY ONLY Spring Slugfest - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE - FREE! for teams registered by 4-28-19Denham Springs/ Livingston AreaLASQ5/18/20195/18/20191 Pool Double Elimination$0Sherry 951-02689267
JoinEventSpring Slugfest - Separate Brackets for Open & C Divisions - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE - FREE! for teams registered by 4-28-19Denham SpringsLASQ5/18/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$0Sherry 951-02686276
JoinEventC-Town Showdown OpenConwayARRQ5/18/20195/18/20193 Game Bracket$230Shannon 837-38254438
JoinEventEast Texas ShowdownCarthageTXSQ5/18/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-60898686
JoinEventTri State ChallengeTexarkanaTXSQ5/18/20195/19/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-60895532
JoinEventExplosive Spring FrenzyHighland HtsOHSQ5/18/20195/19/2019Select Format$450Jeanette 915-20694571
JoinEventKiss My Cleats GoodbyeMetropolisILSQ5/18/20195/19/2019Select Format$225Steven 217-59620230
JoinEventTrojan WarriorTroyALSQ5/18/20195/18/20191 Pool Double Elimination$125Charles 227-771317458
JoinEvent3rd Annual May MayhemRootstown StreetsboroOHSQ5/18/20195/19/20193 Pool Single Elimination$400.00Bob 773-997326555
JoinEventMemorial Weekend All-stars TournamentHumbleTXSQ5/24/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination$125.00Humble Girls Softball 317-35300170
JoinEvent1ST ANNUAL BRUSH COUNTRY MEMORIAL DAY BATTLE FOR THE CASH SHOOTOUTKerrvilleTXST5/24/20195/27/20192 Pool Double Elimination$250Ernest 570-5154141076
JoinEvent7th Annual Streak Summer Smash New Middletown OHSQ5/24/20195/26/20193 Pool Single Elimination$330Mike Thorpe 540-15301398
JoinEventStan Maley Memorial Stars & Stripes SlugfestCanfieldOHSQ5/24/20195/26/20193 Pool Single Elimination$395Mike 770-81763401
JoinEvent24th Annual Mizuno Ark-La-Tex Challenge (Over 90 Teams in 2018)ShreveportLARQ5/24/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby 617-6089764212
JoinEventCajun Express Mid Summer ClassicYoungsvilleLASQ5/24/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175.00Troy 280-4476181017
JoinEventJEFFCO JAMBOREE Memorial Day Tournament Festus MOSQ5/24/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination$375SCOTT (314) 550-60282283
JoinEventMemorial Day Bash - ALLSTARS, C-REC & C DIVISIONS ONLY - SEPARATE BRACKETS - RINGS for 1st & 2nd - NO TEAM ENTRY FEE - FREE! for teams registered by 4-28-19Denham SpringsLASQ5/25/20195/26/2019Select Format$0Sherry 951-02686219
JoinEventMemorial Day ***7GG*** 7 Game Guarantee - Seeded from 6 Pool Games LivingstonLASQ5/25/20195/26/2019Other$100Bo 892-4345380
JoinEventDRIVING On The Beach (RINGS 1ST & 2ND PLACE) WIN BERTH TO NATIONAL SGalvestonTXSQ5/25/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination125.00Harlie 496-528210708
JoinEventMemorial Day MagicMartin and DoverTNSQ5/25/20195/25/20191 Pool Double Elimination$200, U8 is $150Todd 225-97163295
JoinEventFASA Spring National Memorial Day River MadnessBullhead CityAZNT5/25/20195/26/20193 Pool Single Elimination$565JJ 455-3109101190
JoinEvent24th Annual Memorial Day ClassicOregonOHSQ5/25/20195/26/20193 Pool Single Elimination$395Cory 277-93102350
JoinEventBorder BrawlPicayuneMSSQ5/25/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Roger 569-02083823
JoinEventRed White BlueClarksvilleARSQ5/25/20195/25/20193 Game Bracket$230Shannon 837-382513398
JoinEventMemorial Day Classic-Ring TournamentVidaliaLASQ5/25/20195/26/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Stan MorganSTAN32MORGAN@GMAIL.COM(870) 310-01974212
JoinEventMemorial Day on the Lake-1 Day RingsLake ProvidenceLASQ5/25/20195/25/20191 Pool Double Elimination$150Stan MorganSTAN32MORGAN@GMAIL.COM(870) 310-01970143
JoinEventMemorial ClassicNorh RidgevilleOHSQ5/25/20195/26/20193 Pool Single Elimination$400.00Bob 773-997322542
JoinEvent1ST ANNUAL BRING THE HEAT Corpus Christi TXSQ5/25/20195/26/20193 Pool Double Elimation$165Ernest 570-51542174
JoinEventBest of The Southwest Lake Charles LASQ5/25/20195/26/20192 Pool 3 Game Bracket$150Steven Landry 274-178613862
JoinEventBENEFIT TOURNAMENT! 2nd Annual Warren County Strike Out Child Abuse Tournament, Recreation and C-Class (RINGS!!)VicksburgMSSQ5/25/20195/25/20191 Pool Double Elimination$100.00Jeremiah 642-54368598
JoinEventCARY FLANAGAN MEMORIAL-NITPerryvilleMONIT5/31/20196/2/20192 Pool Double Elimination$375Terry 979-11947539
JoinEventRoad to the SHOW WCWS OKCOKRQ6/1/20196/3/20194 Pool Single Elimination$350Matt 413-65176938
JoinEventBEASTMODE ATX FUN IN THE SUN OPEN CLASS AngletonTXNIT6/1/20196/2/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150.00Harlie 496-52827838
JoinEventMIDWEST REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPCape GirardeauMORQ6/7/20196/9/20192 Pool Double Elimination$400Terry 979-119414630
JoinEventMizuno Turf Wars 6X Points NITMonroeLANIT6/8/20196/9/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Ray 614-617516972
JoinEvent1st Annual Corpus Christi Bay Summer Beach Bash Corpus Christi TXNIT6/8/20196/9/20193 Pool Single Elimination$150Ernest 570-51544597
JoinEventBEACH DIAMOND (RINGS WIN FREE BERTH TO NATIONAL S DOUBLE PIONT WEEKENDGalvestonTXRQ6/8/20196/9/20192 Pool Double Elimination$125.00Harlie 496-528214820
JoinEventLONESTAR TEXAS STATELongviewTXST6/14/20196/16/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby 617-608916887
JoinEventMississippi Class C State Regional QualifierMcCombMSRQ6/15/20196/16/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Ray 614-61750174
JoinEventCoquille Allstar Invitational - A NATIONAL INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT (NIT) - High School Bracket is Open (8u thru 15u is listed as a separate tournament - RINGS for 1st & 2ndCovingtonLANIT6/15/20196/16/2019Select Format$150Sherry 951-02682192
JoinEventCoquille Allstar Invitational - A NATIONAL INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT (NIT) - 8u - 10u - 12u - 15u Allstars & C-Rec Only) High School Bracket is Open & is listed as a separate tournament - RINGS for 1st & 2nd in ALL DIVISIONSCovingtonLANIT6/15/20196/16/2019Select Format$150Sherry 951-02681230
JoinEventLouisiana Fleur De Lis State Championship 14U 16U and 18UAlexandriaLAST6/21/20196/23/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby 617-6089181362
JoinEventLouisiana Fleur De Lis State Class C ChampionshipEuniceLAST6/21/20196/23/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby 617-6089151324
JoinEventLouisiana Fleur De Lis State Championship 8U 10U and 12UAlexandriaLAST6/28/20196/30/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby 617-608918878
JoinEventMississippi Open State Regional QualifierBrookhavenMSRQ6/29/20196/30/20192 Pool Double Elimination$175Ray 614-61750170
JoinEventFASA C Rec World SeriesHot SpringsARWS7/2/20197/6/20193 Pool Double Elimination$550Bobby 617-60891447
JoinEventFASA Class C World SeriesHot SpringsARWS7/2/20197/6/20193 Pool Double Elimination$550FASA National 617-6089391541
JoinEventGULF COAST NATIONALS C CLASSGalvestonTXNT7/8/20197/13/20193 Pool Double Elimination$275.00Harlie 496-5282392999
JoinEventGULF COAST NATIONALS OPEN CLASSGalvestonTXNT7/8/20197/13/20193 Pool Double Elimination$275Harlie 496-5282323321
JoinEventFASA World Series 14U- 18U The Branson ExperienceBransonMOWS7/15/20197/21/20193 Pool Double Elimination$550Bobby 617-6089414399
JoinEventFASA World Series 7U- 12U The Branson ExperienceBransonMOWS7/22/20197/28/20193 Pool Double Elimination$550Bobby 617-6089616652
JoinEvent1st Annual MONEYBALL AF Tournament SHOWDOWNPLEASANTON, JOURDANTON & FLORESVILLE TXNIT10/5/201910/6/20193 Pool Single Elimination$350Ernest 570-51541272
JoinEventLouisiana Fall South State ChampionshipEuniceLAST10/26/201910/27/20192 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby 617-60890915
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