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Team Profile
Team Name Team Age Team City Team State Early Registration Registation Credit Card Total Team Points Team Power Rating
Texas Venom 12U Mission TX 50 100 100 640 640
Completed Tournaments
TournamentCityStateStart DateTeams EnteredHitsPlacementPoints
FALL STATE CLASS C ONLY  Portland  TX 11/20/2021 59 7739  Select 30
Tournament Results:   Texas Venom Bracket Games
11/20/2021 6:15pm Game 22 Texas Venom  VSDYNASTY STX   
11/20/2021 3:20pm Game 6 Texas South 2k10 Dynasty VSTexas Venom  
11/21/2021 10:40am Game 26 TX Havoc 2K9  VSTexas Venom   
TournamentCityStateStart DateTeams EnteredHitsPlacementPoints
3rd ANNUAL MARCH MADNESS BASH  Portland  TX 3/5/2022 40 5629  Select 10
Tournament Results:   Texas Venom Bracket Games
3/5/2022 2:45pm Game 4 PSP Fastpitch 2K9 VSTexas Venom  
3/5/2022 1:25pmpm Game 1 Swing It Fastpitch 2010 VSTexas Venom  
3/6/2022 3:30pm Game 14 Illusions Gold STX 09 VSTexas Venom  
3/6/2022 11am Game 10 Texas Venom 10 VSFirecrackers STX Trevino  
TournamentCityStateStart DateTeams EnteredHitsPlacementPoints
Spring Showdown Invitational  Portland  TX 4/2/2022 29 3464  2nd 75
Tournament Results:   Texas Venom Bracket Games
4/2/2022 7:00 Game 8 Aftermath X Fastpitch VSTexas Venom  
4/2/2022 5:30 Game 7 Texas Venom  VSMarucci Elite Texas Andrade   
4/2/2022 4:00 Game 5 MiS  VSTexas Venom   
4/2/2022 2:30 Game 4 Texas Venom  VSTexas South 2k10 Dynasty   
4/2/2022 1:00 Game 1 Aftermath X Fastpitch  VSTexas Venom   
TournamentCityStateStart DateTeams EnteredHitsPlacementPoints
MARDI GRAS BRAWL 2022 San Antonio  TX 4/23/2022 37 3703  3rd 50
Texas Venom No games played in MARDI GRAS BRAWL 2022.
TournamentCityStateStart DateTeams EnteredHitsPlacementPoints
CINCO DE MAYO FIESTA EN EL CAMINO  Pleasanton  TX 5/7/2022 26 3085  2nd 75
Tournament Results:   Texas Venom Bracket Games
5/7/2022 12:30 PM Game 2 High Stakes VSTexas Venom 12  
5/7/2022 6:15 PM Game 9 STX Bombers Divine VSTexas Venom  
5/7/2022 5:00 PM Game 8 Texas Venom VSTexas Blaze STX Rivas  
5/7/2022 3:20 PM Game 6 Swing It Fastpitch 2010 VSTexas Venom  
TournamentCityStateStart DateTeams EnteredHitsPlacementPoints
Tournament Results:   Texas Venom Bracket Games
5/29/2022 8:00am Game 3 Texas Venom VSSA Fearless 2010  
5/29/2022 5:00 Game 13 Texas Venom VSDYNASTY STX  
5/29/2022 3:30 Game 11 Aftermath X Fastpitch 10 VSTexas Venom  
5/29/2022 12:30pm Game 8 Texas Venom VSTexas South 2k10 Dynasty  
Up Coming Tournaments
TournamentCityStateStart DateEnd DateEntery DeadlineTeams EnteredHits
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