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Tournament Pool
 BACK          3RD ANNUAL OKTOBERFEST College Camp and Showcase 16U/18U_Combined

Posted Pool Games / 3RD ANNUAL OKTOBERFEST College Camp and Showcase / 16U/18U_Combined Age Group
Select Team you want to view: Total Game Count: 20
GameDayComplexFieldTimeTeam 1RunsVSTeam 2RunsWinner
Game 1   SaturdayPortland Sports complexA1pmSouth TX Prospects 18 Gold0VSPrime X Softball0
Game 2   SaturdayPortland Sports complexB1pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Gold0VSNexGen 16u GOLD Leibas0
Game 3   SaturdayPortland Sports complexC1pmMarucci Elite Texas JGalvan0VSTexas Legends 18u 0
Game 4   SaturdayPortland Sports complexD1pmGulf Coast Reign0VSLeague City Dynasty0
Game 5   SaturdayPortland Sports complexA2:35pmSouth TX Prospects 18 Gold0VSFIRECRACKERS AC 18U0
Game 6   SaturdayPortland Sports complexB2:35pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Gold0VSMarucci Elite Texas RGalvan0
Game 7   SaturdayPortland Sports complexC2:35pmNexGen 16u GOLD Leibas0VSPrime X Softball0
Game 8   SaturdayPortland Sports complexD2:35pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Futures0VSTexas Glory STX0
Game 9   SaturdayPortland Sports complexA4:10pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Elite0VSGulf Coast Reign0
Game 10   SaturdayPortland Sports complexB4:10pmMarucci Elite Texas RGalvan0VSLeague City Dynasty0
Game 11   SaturdayPortland Sports complexC4:10pmTexas Legends 18u 0VSTexas Glory STX0
Game 12   SaturdayPortland Sports complexD4:10pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Futures0VSMarucci Elite Texas JGalvan0
Game 13   SaturdayPortland Sports complexA5:45pmSouth TX Prospects 18 Gold0VSSouth TX Prospects 16 Gold0
Game 14   SaturdayPortland Sports complexB5:45pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Elite0VSNexGen 16u GOLD Leibas0
Game 15   SaturdayPortland Sports complexC5:45pmFIRECRACKERS AC 18U0VSGulf Coast Reign0
Game 16   SaturdayPortland Sports complexD5:45pmLeague City Dynasty0VSMarucci Elite Texas JGalvan0
Game 17   SaturdayPortland Sports complexA7:20pmPrime X Softball0VSMarucci Elite Texas RGalvan0
Game 18   SaturdayPortland Sports complexB7:20pmSouth TX Prospects 16 Elite0VSTexas Legends 18u 0
Game 19   SaturdayPortland Sports complexC7:20pmFIRECRACKERS AC 18U0VSTexas Glory STX0
Game 20   Portland Sports complex- Select Team -0VS- Select Team -0

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