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National NEWS:... ****FASA will NOT be changing the player/team move up date for the 2024 season which begins August 1, 2023. Player age classification will still be based on the age of the player as of 1/1/2024.**** Like us on Facebook




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Events for the next 4 weeks and Featured Events listed below
Featured Events* Green = NIT, Purple = Regional Qualifier, Light Blue = State, Red = World Series or National


JoinEventDirt & DingersJenksOKSQ6/9/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination6u/8u-$100 9u-16u-$200Matt Gibson[email protected](918) 688-40481246
JoinEventFull~ All⭐️🥎⭐️Stars Only~Warm up for StateSpring TXSQ6/9/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150 Enter after 5/30 $175 Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204242664
JoinEventCARY FLANAGAN MEMORIAL REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPCAPE GIRARDEAUMORQ6/9/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$575Terry Schnurbusch[email protected](573) 979-1194171271
JoinEventMOVED TO FRASCH PARK LA GLORY & COLLEGE SHOWCASE 5 GGSULPHURLASC6/9/20236/11/2023Round Robin395Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282202211
JoinEventC CLASS REGIONAL QUALIFIER (OKC)MustangOKRQ6/9/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$250Mustang YouthSports[email protected](405) 521-7067331854
JoinEventOPEN Class Regional Qualifier (OKC)MustangOKRQ6/9/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$250Mustang YouthSports[email protected](405) 521-70674859
JoinEvent(Open) Feel the Heat ( Double Points ) $50 Off entry if paid by June 1stHoumaLASQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150Mike Cadwell[email protected](985) 855-9984121558
JoinEvent(C Class) Feel the Heat ( Double Points ) $50 Off entry if paid by June 1stHoumaLASQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150Mike Cadwell[email protected](985) 855-9984131572
JoinEventSUMMER BACK DAY ONE SATURDAY ONLY 8U 10U 12ULAKE CHARLESLASQ6/10/20236/10/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-52822725
JoinEventCANCELED WEST TEXAS STATE C CLASS ONLYSAN MARCOSTXST6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282171419
JoinEventSouth State Championships-2X The PointsOak GroveMSSQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100 8U-FREEMike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62604534
JoinEventALL STAR REC SHOOTOUTOak GroveMSSQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$FREEMike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62600392
JoinEventALL STAR/REC DISTRICT TOURNAMENTCarthageTXSQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150.00Steve Tutt[email protected](903) 754-9958341909
JoinEvent⭐ FASA Lone Star Texas Class C State Regional Qualifier⭐LongviewTXRQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-608951818
JoinEvent⭐ FASA Lone Star Texas State Regional Qualifier ⭐LongviewTXRQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-6089101537
JoinEvent🥎🏄‍♀️Batesville Beach Blast Class C🏄‍♀️🥎BatesvilleARSQ6/10/20236/11/20233 Game Bracket$275Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-3825191416
JoinEvent🥎🏄‍♀️Batesville Beach Blast OPEN🏄‍♀️🥎BatesvilleARSQ6/10/20236/11/20233 Game Bracket$$275Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-38251573
JoinEventCANCELED WEST TEXAS STATE OPEN CLASS SAN MARCOSTXST6/10/20236/10/20232 Pool Double Elimination175Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-52823721
JoinEventSUPER SERIES ON TURF SPLIT BRACKET GOLD & SLIVER BRACKET C CLASS & ALL STARSSCOTT LASQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$175Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282231777
JoinEventC Class~Summer Slam~WillisTXSQ6/10/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination$75 Enter after 6/1 $150Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204232058
JoinEventDistrict 9 Rec Tournament Lexington TNSQ6/10/20237/10/2023Double Elimination$Joshua Goff[email protected](731) 307-507021116
JoinEventDistrict 10 Rec Tournament BrownsvilleTNSQ6/10/20236/10/2023Double Elimination$Joshua Goff[email protected](731) 307-507026214
JoinEvent14u FASA REC State Tournament CamdenTNSQ6/10/20236/10/2023Double Elimination$Joshua Goff[email protected](731) 307-5070448
JoinEvent5GG~FASA SETX Summer StateMagnolia/Katy/Splendora TXST6/10/20236/10/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$260 enter after 5/15 $300 (No Gate)Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204807157
JoinEventCANCEL SUMMER BACK DAY TWO SUNDAY ONLY 14U 16U 18ULAKE CHARLESLASQ6/11/20236/11/20232 Pool Double Elimination100Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-52823709
JoinEventC Class...Bring the HeatMustangOKSQ6/16/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination6U-$75, 8UCP-$125, 10U-$150, 12U-$150Mustang YouthSports[email protected](405) 521-70677322
JoinEventFathers Day BlingJenksOKSQ6/16/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination6u/8u-$100 9u-16u-$200Matt Gibson[email protected](918) 688-40482207
JoinEventSummer Hits Splendora TXSQ6/16/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$180Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92044730
JoinEventText me to enter~All⭐️Star FASA Texas StateConroe overflow park Magnolia TXST6/16/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$125 Enter after 5/17 $150Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204792936
JoinEvent⚜️ ⚜️ Louisiana Fleur De Lis State Championship ⚜️ ⚜️Youngsville & Lafayette AreaLAST6/16/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$200Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-6089523103
JoinEvent⚜️ ⚜️ Louisiana Fleur De Lis Class C State Championship ⚜️ ⚜️Youngsville & Lafayette AreaLAST6/16/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$200Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-6089231905
JoinEvent🌞BRINGING THE HEAT🌞LufkinTXSQ6/17/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Ray Wright[email protected](318) 614-61756674
JoinEvent🥎Dingers for Dad🥎RussellvilleARSQ6/17/20236/17/20233 Game Bracket$250Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-382520937
JoinEventC class Warm up for NationalsBayer Park~Spring TXSQ6/17/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204251120
JoinEvent🔥Feel the Heat 🔥TaylorTXSQ6/17/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$$$75Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92049677
JoinEvent C Class~ Feel the Heat 🔥Taylor (NE Austin)TXSQ6/17/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$$$75Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-920418999
JoinEventSliding into Summer Brenham TXSQ6/17/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204121033
JoinEventSummer Softball KickoffCorpus ChristiTXSQ6/17/20236/18/20231 Pool Double Elimination$125Richard Ocanas[email protected](361) 232-718714702
JoinEventALL Star Rec Team Border WarsVicksburgMSSQ6/17/20236/18/20232 Pool Double Elimination$FREEMike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62601295
JoinEventFathers Day-Playing For Dad-ONE DAY WigginsMSSQ6/17/20236/17/20232 Pool Double Elimination$FREE (Register by 6/3)Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62600158
JoinEventFathers Day-Playing For Dad-ONE DAY WigginsMSSQ6/17/20236/17/20231 Pool Double Elimination$$FREE (Register by 6/3)Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62604289
JoinEvent2023 FASA Tennesse State Pigeon Forge TnSevierville TNSQ6/17/20236/18/20233 Game Bracket8u $150 10u to 14u $350 16/18u $400John Holland [email protected](865) 809-6153181115
JoinEventFASA SOUTHWEST NATIONALS C CLASS 100 % TURF FIELDSPORTLANDTXNT6/20/20236/25/20233 Pool 3 Game Bracket395Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282446017
JoinEventFASA SOUTHWEST NATIONALS OPEN CLASS 100% TURF FIELDS OPEN CLASSPORTLANDTXNT6/20/20236/25/20233 Pool 3 Game Bracket395.00Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282173425
JoinEventSUMMER BLOW OUT SPLIT BRACKET GOLD & SLVER CROWLEYLASQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination Split Bracket$175Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-52827487
JoinEventTuff on the Turf Class CBossier CityLASQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Gerral Layton[email protected](318) 540-77405778
JoinEventTUFF ON THE TURFBossier CityLASQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Gerral Layton[email protected](318) 540-77402543
JoinEvent🥎🎖️FASA STATE OPEN AND CLASS C 🎖️🥎WILL SEPERATE DIVISIONSSearcyARSQ6/24/20236/25/20233 Game Bracket$300Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-3825611390
JoinEventSecondarySearcyARSQ6/24/20236/25/20233 Game Bracket$300Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-38251417
JoinEvent😎JUNE JAM😎LufkinTXSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Ray Wright[email protected](318) 614-61753495
JoinEventAllStars~ End of Season Summer Slam KingwoodTXSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150 PAP $40Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92047372
JoinEvent3rd Annual STP Summer Exposure Victoria TXSQ6/24/20236/25/20233 Pool Single Elimination$575Michael Silvas [email protected] (361) 446-76521302
JoinEventVenom Midnight Throw🥎Down Livingston TXSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-920414566
JoinEventC Class~The Heat is OnConroe overflow Park Bear Creek ParkTXSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175+ PAP $40Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204361410
JoinEventOpen Class~The Heat is on Conroe @ Scrapyard TXSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$165 Enter after 5/20 $200 Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-9204681630
JoinEvent8u Kid Pitch~Summer Pitch🥎OutWillisTXSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$75Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92047166
JoinEventMay Days Broken ArrowOKSQ6/24/20236/25/20233 Game Bracket6u-$100 8U-10u $175 12U-18U-$225Christopher Townsend[email protected](405) 566-90706256
JoinEventALL STAR REC CLASH OF THE TITANSWigginsMSSQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool Double Elimination$FREEMike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62601223
JoinEventWorld Series Warm Ups 5GGHoumaLASQ6/24/20236/25/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$100Mike Cadwell[email protected](985) 855-998418851
JoinEventSTARS AND STRIPESARDMOREOKSQ6/30/20237/2/20232 Pool Double Elimination6U-$75 8U-$150 10U/UP-$250Shane Barnes[email protected](580) 319-689612104
JoinEventStars and StrikesSand SpringsOKSQ6/30/20237/2/20232 Pool Double Elimination6u/8u-$100 9u-16u-$200Matt Gibson[email protected](918) 688-40481150
JoinEventFreedom EventElyria & LaGrangeOHSQ7/1/20237/2/2023Select Format$465.00Bob Himmelein [email protected](440) 773-997311830
JoinEventAll💫Star/League teams & C Class Stars & StrikesConroe @ Gene Campbell TXSQ7/1/20237/2/20232 Pool Double Elimination$75Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-920415835
JoinEvent💣BORDER BATTLES💣MonroeLASQ7/1/20237/2/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Ray Wright[email protected](318) 614-61752308
JoinEvent5GG 🇺🇸Stars 🎆 Strikes Scrapyard Overflow Gene Campbell TXSQ7/1/20237/2/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket125 Enter after 5/19 $180Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-920429869
JoinEvent💥 💥 Firecracker Free if signed up by 5/1/2023 💥 💥LongviewTXSQ7/1/20237/2/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$150Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-608919779
JoinEvent🥎🏊‍♀️Clarksvile Cool off 🏊‍♀️🥎ClarksvilleARSQ7/1/20237/2/20233 Game Bracket$275Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-38259321
JoinEvent🌘Last Call To Ball🌘 ✨(Midnight Championship )✨Victoria (Pro Event)TXSQ7/1/20237/1/2023Other$150 Early June 1 /$225 Late feeBulmaro Martinez[email protected](361) 223-8601112884
JoinEventSouth MS Summer State TournamentTBD-Oak Grove Wiggins BiloxiMSSQ7/1/20237/2/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150.00Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62601169
JoinEventCentral MS Summer State TournamentMSSQ7/1/20237/2/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150.00Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62601227
JoinEventSCHLITTERBAHN & FASA NATIONALS WARM-UP SATURDAY ONLY WATER PARK DISCOUNT TICKETS ON SUNDAYGALVESTONTXSQ7/1/20237/1/20231 Pool Double Elimination$100.00Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-52823393
JoinEventSCHLITTERBAHN & FASA NATIONALS WARM-UP SATURDAY ONLY WATER PARK DISCOUNT TICKETS ON SATURDAYGALVESTONTXSQ7/2/20237/2/2023Select Format100.00Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-52826371
JoinEventSWAMP TOUR NATIONALS C CLASS ONLYYOUNGSVILLELANT7/5/20237/8/20233 Pool 3 Game Bracket$395.00Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282172729
JoinEventSWAMP TOUR NATIONALS OPEN CLASS ONLYYOUNGSVILLELANT7/5/20237/8/20233 Pool 3 Game Bracket395.00Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282303130
JoinEventEnd of Summer ShowcaseConroeTXSC7/7/20237/9/20233 Pool Single Elimination$600Derrick Polk[email protected](281) 857-434715583
JoinEventJuly HottiesJenksOKSQ7/7/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination6u/8u-$100 9u-16u-$200Matt Gibson[email protected](918) 688-40483128
JoinEventPryme 🥎 ?Bombs Away?ShowcaseRed RockOKSQ7/7/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$6u-$100 8U-10u $175 12U-18U-$225Christopher Townsend[email protected](405) 566-90704182
JoinEventSouth State All Star Rec ChampionshipsTBD-Oak Grove Wiggins BiloxiMSSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100.00Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62600139
JoinEventNorth State All Star Rec ChampionshipsWinonaMSSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$75Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62600134
JoinEventCentral MS All Star Rec State TournamentVicksburgMSSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100.00Mike Foley[email protected](870) 208-62600172
JoinEventCinderella ClassicElyria/LaGrangeOHSQ7/8/20237/9/2023Other$500Bob Himmelein [email protected](440) 773-9973572085
JoinEventMarble City MadnessKnoxvilleTNSQ7/8/20237/8/20233 Game Bracket$8u-50 10u-12u $200Adam Long[email protected](865) 406-2726053
JoinEvent5 GG-B Class Only-Yo! 💪You Got What it Takes? Magnolia TXSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$150 until June 1st then $200 no gate Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92048255
JoinEventStars and Slide~Outs 🇺🇸Brenham TXSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$$100Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-920412599
JoinEventAllStar/C Class Teams Only~ Summer Slide~OutWest Houston~Bear Creek ParkTXSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$175Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92044169
JoinEventFASA SHOWCASE 1CAPE GIRARDEAUMOSC7/8/20237/8/2023Round Robin500Terry Schnurbusch[email protected](573) 979-11948437
JoinEventWorld Series Warm Up Class CSearcyARSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$375Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-38258316
JoinEventWorld Series Warm Up OPENSearcyARSQ7/8/20237/8/20232 Pool Double Elimination$375Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-38251161
JoinEvent🥇🥇PLAYING FOR THE GOLD🥇🥇LufkinTXSQ7/8/20237/9/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Ray Wright[email protected](318) 614-61753238
JoinEvent🎢 🎢FASA 8U-12U World Series 🎢 🎢BransonMOWS7/10/20237/15/20233 Pool Double Elimation$650Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-6089112967
JoinEventFASA GULF COAST NATIONALS LASSIE FIELDS NOW TURF INFIELDS OPEN CLASSGALVESTONTXNT7/10/20237/16/20233 Pool Double Elimination$495Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282444463
JoinEventFASA GULF COAST NATIONALS LASSIE FIELDS NOW TURF INFIELDS C CLASS ONLYGALVESTONTXNT7/10/20237/16/20233 Pool Double Elimination$495Harlie Lanthier[email protected](337) 496-5282716229
JoinEvent🎢 🎢FASA Class C World Series 7U - 18U The Branson Experience 🎢 🎢BransonMOWS7/10/20237/15/20233 Pool Double Elimination$650Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-6089365124
JoinEvent🎢 🎢FASA Class CRec World Series 7U - 18U The Branson Experience 🎢 🎢BransonMOWS7/10/20237/15/20233 Pool Double Elimination$650Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-608932259
JoinEventJ-Town ShowdownJeffersonOHSQ7/14/20237/16/20233 Pool Single Elimination$450 + $100 Gate Fee per teamChris Barress[email protected](440) 563-6342331434
JoinEventDawg Days of SummerJenksOKSQ7/14/20237/16/20232 Pool Double Elimination6u/8u-$100 9u-16u-$200Matt Gibson[email protected](918) 688-40481101
JoinEvent🥎Midnight Slam🥎NacogdochesTXSQ7/14/20237/16/20231 Pool Double Elimination$150Jared Lucas[email protected] (936) 554-77285228
JoinEvent5 GG~Smok?n Balls & Bats Conroe, Scrapyard TXSQ7/15/20237/16/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$140Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92046225
JoinEventAllStar/C Class~Smokn balls & bats Conroe, Gene Campbell TXSQ7/15/20237/16/20232 Pool Double Elimination$100Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92048360
JoinEventSummer BashCarthageTXSQ7/15/20237/15/20232 Pool Double Elimination$150Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-60892263
JoinEvent🎢🧤🥎FASA OPEN & C Nationals🛶⛳🥎 Will seperate open and C Hot Springs National ParkARNT7/17/20237/23/20233 Pool Double Elimation$675Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-3825926720
JoinEventSEPERATE DIVISIONSHot Springs National ParkARNT7/17/20237/23/20233 Pool Double Elimation$675Shannon Gamewell[email protected](501) 837-3825214182
JoinEvent🎢 🎢FASA 14U-18U World Series 🎢 🎢BransonMOWS7/17/20237/22/20233 Pool Double Elimation$650Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-6089302979
JoinEvent🧨🎇🧨🎇🧨🎇🧨🎇XPLOSIONS 6TH ANNUAL RED WHITE BOOM 🎇🧨🎇🧨🎇🧨🎇🧨🎇🧨Lufkin TXNIT9/1/20239/3/20232 Pool Double Elimination$200Devin Trotti[email protected](936) 414-48589286
JoinEventMakenzie Faith Farlow MemorialCarthageTXNIT9/16/20239/17/20232 Pool Double Elimination Split Bracket$175Bobby Hair[email protected](318) 617-60890171
JoinEvent5GG🇺🇸 FASA SETX Fall State Conroe~Scrapyard~ Turf Fields TXST11/4/202311/5/20232 Pool 3 Game Bracket$250 Enter after 10/1 $300Shannon Holland[email protected](936) 499-92041115
JoinEventtest Brackettest cityTXNIT12/30/202312/31/20233 Game Bracket$0Mustang YouthSports[email protected](405) 521-706737153
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