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FASA Opening Guidelines
FASA will follow all mandated guidelines for each State County and City!
FASA Opening Policy
CDC Recommendations for Social Distancing
Encourage your staff or community members to protect their personal health.
Post the signs and symptoms of COVID-19: fever, cough, shortness of breath.
Clean surfaces that are frequently touched things such as shared desks, countertops, kitchen areas, electronics, and doorknobs.
Stay up to date on developments in your community.
Assess if community members are at higher risk and plan accordingly.
FASA Soft Opening Guidelines
*FASA reserves the right to change Event formats as needed to allow as many teams as possible an opportunity to play.
*It is the Coaches and Parents responsibility to make sure that players or fans not feeling well do not attend FASA Events. Persons at a higher risk should not attend Events.
*FASA supports Social Distancing (everyone needs to remain 6 feet apart when possible).
*FASA understands that is impossible to keep 6 feet of distance between batters, catchers, and umpires.
*FASA knows that it is impossible to play the game without every player possibly touching the ball.
*FASA recommends the use of Personal Protective Equipment (face masks etc.) when they are available.
*FASA recognizes that hand sanitizer and masks are not readily available for purchase throughout the country.
*FASA recommends that everyone practice social distancing by not lining up at the end of the game (no high 5 or handshaking).
*FASA in conjunction with each complex should: Clean surfaces that are frequently touched such as shared desks, countertops, kitchen areas, electronics, and doorknobs.
*Hand sanitizer should be made available when possible, but soap and water (washing your hands) is also a way to protect others and yourself.
*Rest Rooms should be well stocked and cleaned and sanitized often.
*Players should sit in the dugouts as far apart as possible or down the base lines outside of the fence. This is to ensure social distancing practices
*Prayer at the end of the games (if they are traditional in your area) are permissible if the girls will increase their circle so no one is closer than 6 feet apart or it can be done on the 1st and 3rd base foul lines.
* Fans should sit 6 feet apart either in the bleachers or in Lawn Chairs 6 feet apart along the foul line and outfield fences.
*Bottom line is: If you fear for your safety or are not feeling well please do not attend the Events.

The guidelines and recommendations listed above, along with any additional guidelines from the state, will be followed until they have been lifted by CDC or State Government. We are all ready to be back on our fields and see the players with smiles back on their faces. However, this is something none of us have experienced and we all need to do our part in assuring the safety of our players, coaches, parents, and staff once we resume playing.

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